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Resin-Bonded Gravel is a totally maintenance free driveway
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When you want the look of gravel but need a firm surface that’s wheelchair (or skateboard) friendly and totally maintenance free, this is the answer.

Resin-Bonded gravel driveways are suitable for all homes and public spaces. They come in a wide variety of sizes shapes and colours, so you can be sure to find one that compliments your home beautifully.

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Bitmac or Tarmac?

The name tarmac was original derived from John MacAdam, who developed the process in the West. He used tar, which can be found naturally, to hold the small stones together, hence the name tar macadam, or tarmac for short. Nowadays, as the binding agent for the aggregates is bitumen, a by-product of the oil refining process, rather than tar, it is known as bitumen macadam, shortened in the trade to bitmac

Tarmac driveways are the cheapest option for a permanent driveway. Tarmac or Bitmac is a cheap, flexible medium made up of rock, shale and asphalt cement. Since some of its ingredients are extracted from crude oil, tarmac and asphalt are very dark. Some contractors will mix the asphalt with a polymer dye for a more pleasing appearance. Generally these driveways last about 15 years.

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